AC Maintenance

 Preventative maintenance for your air conditioner and furnace is important. Inspecting the system to check for problems before they grow into major cooling and heating malfunctions can save hundreds of dollars and periodic preventative maintenance for your cooling and heating equipment is a great way to accomplish that. Annual preventative maintenance, for your system by New Comfort Air & Home Services can go a long way in ensuring the effective operation of your heating and cooling equipment.


New Comfort Air and Home Services  VIP Preventative AC Maintenance Program will keep your air conditioner and furnace running at its peak performance and efficiency.

Inadequate preventative AC maintenance for your system is one of the chief causes of equipment malfunctions, poor performance and inefficiency. Like an automobile needs inexpensive periodic preventative maintenance to keep it running and to avoid costly repairs, your air conditioner and furnace requires periodic preventative maintenance. Neglecting preventative maintenance for your air conditioner or furnace may lead to a steady decline in the air conditioner’s or furnaces performance as well as increased energy consumption and costs.  It is also important to point out that AC maintenance is required to keep your equipment’s warranties in good standing.


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